Chicago NACHI Chapter Meeting

The Chicago NACHI Chapter is pleased to announce another near standing room only monthly meeting.

Among several topics discussed was the new Chapter Membership program, which will allow Chapter Members to participate in expanded Co-op advertising, and other related benefits.

Speakers included Ms. Laura LaBott, Senior Sales Executive for Chicago Agent Magazine / Chicagoland Avenues Magazine.

Laura provided an interactive insight into the various advertising avenues to targeted markets.

Mr. Andy Norman, Attorney at Law, one of Chicago’s premier Litigators, held the audience in awe for over an hour, discussing legal issues which affect Home Inspectors.

The audience was very interactive.

Special thanks to NACHI Members, Mr. & Mrs, Jay Bishop, for providing the delicious homemade snacks. Mrs. Bishop has promised to provide more next month.

The Chicago NACHI Chapter wishes to again, express our gratitude to all those who made this another successful event.