Chicago provides never ending scenery (yesterdays)

The soon to be Miller Coors Headquarters

west property with Sears tower (Small).jpgsouth-east property (Small).jpglooking south down Chicago river from roof (Small).jpg3-26-09-multi-download 031 (Small).jpglooking north down Chicago river from roof (Small).jpg

west property with Sears tower (Small).jpg

west property with Sears tower (Small).jpg

Here is the scenery I woke up to this morning (a foot of snow so far today). I had to shovel out my truck.


We may get a few inches Sunday.
Spring in the air though.

NO seriously… thats not a friggin joke
we may actually get snow

You sound surprised Joe.
We always get a light sprinkle first week of baseball.

I almost took my studded tires off last week. Glad I procrastinated.

Good luck guys. I’m tired of seeing friggin snow.

Our winter is finally gone.

The most recent storm dumped a good amount on us…
IMG_4103.JPG IMG_4104.JPG

Quit your whining and remove those boat covers.
Bikini season will arrive shortly.

Bob, I thought you wore a one piece, now I’ve got a nasty image in my head.

Miller / Coors Headquarters, eh?

Is it covered in real thin aluminum :mrgreen:

Try to crush it on your head.

You should see the blue prints for the bar they are putting in.
Private for the 350 employees.