Chicago realtor

at least he took some time to watch a couple videos i sent which now has changed his mind a bit, thanks for the acknowledging my azz


Way to go, Mark! :smile:

From article:

" After my last blog post on basement waterproofing I was contacted by Mark Anderson who operates a basement waterproofing company outside of Detroit. He shared this video of what they found when they were called in to rectify a problem that remained after one of these clowns “fixed” bowing basement walls and leaking with a $25,000 interior drainage system and wall anchors. The bigger issue, which had been ignored, was that there were sizable cracks in the mortar joints and that is a very common cause of basement water leaks. Fixing the mortar joints is actually cheaper than what was done and…oh by the way…the first contractors actually made the problem worse with the extra holes they made in the wall."

thank you Larry

nice work Bubbs !

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Glad to see someone finally paid attention to ya!! :wink:

hahahaa, a realtor at that, well i give him credit because there are many, many realtors who think they are Bullwinkle or they really don’t give a shtt about their clients and don’t wanna do a damn thing to slow down any sale, dig?