Chicagoland inspectors - A proposition

With all the problems with Chicago masonry buildings, especilly split faced block, here is what we, as profesional HIs, can do.

Let’s just defect them all.

The builder did crap work and the city codies didn’t bother to call it out and now they are all wet and the builders dissolved their LLCs and went backl to eastern Europe and are sue proof.

So, why waste your client’s, and your, time and incure liability. Just defect them!

***RECENT MASONRY DISCLAIMER: Residential masonry condo and single family buildings from recent decades very often leak, leading to mold. Flashing and use of brick, rather than block, are helpful; however all or most of the following are needed to prevent moisture leakage: flashing with vertical end dams & drip edge reveal, free of damage or blockage to weeps; well struck mortar free of cracks or gaps; bed joints beveled so as to prevent mortar bridging to the wall cavity; min. 1” air space/cavity to divert water to flashing; copings /capstones/sills flashed & pitched to drain; well applied water repellent/caulk/sealant. In many cases, despite quality materials and mostly good workmanship, newer buildings still leak, when one or more of the above details are not completed properly.

It should be noted that the local municipaliy had, by state court rulings, freed itself from any liabilty for water intrusion problems, so our company is doing the same.

If you purchase in a residentiall masonry building in Chicago, built in the last decade, and you get water intrusion problems (including, but not limited to, stained wood trim, water leaking through the exterior walls, mold growth or structural collapse of the floor or roof"), You are on your own!

Look at this verbiage:

How about that?

Comments welcome.

Sorry but the government can do whatever they feel like and you do not have the same rights.
Today I went for EPA car exhaust testing in order to have the right to buy a plate sticker.
While waiting for them to test I took a camera phone picture of a poster (Ironically) notifying you of your rights) Immediately a woman came in ,tried to grab my camera and said she would be reporting me to the police.All for taking a picture.
I asked where it says on the walls I do not have that right especially since there were large signs stating that I was being Video and audio taped while visiting.
To bad it is in the contract and you do not have that right plus are breaking the law she told me.
Welcome to the USSA.

Good luck with your plan to do as the government does.
I would publish the picture I took here but might have the FBI at my door.
It is on the internet however in case they confiscate the phone from my home.:slight_smile:
By the way I called the BGA and am still waiting for them to call.

Off subject but I went last week to buy a sticker and the services were closed because of heat and closed again today because of it being a Monday ,so they sit home getting paid while I was forced to pay $7 extra at a currency exchange in order to comply.

Your taxes at work.:frowning:

Moral of the story is you do not have as many rights as government or government workers.