Children shocked at pool.

Imagine that. Work done without a permit near Miami…

The kids are lucky to have survived.

It further serves as a reminder that all construction these days requires diligence on the part of inspectors. Not only are there substandard practices being used in the construction industry by unqualified individuals but also in maintenance and repair.

One died a couple of weeks prior. :frowning:

And the realtor said: you’re scaring the buyer that they could be electrocuted due to the bond missing…sic

After reading that article, the lawyers will be circling

This is why I say a “limited review” as suggested in the COA conference pool course is the wrong way to go. If you do not know how to to a proper pool inspection then don’t do them or farm them out to a qualified pool company at least until you learn how!

Yes, Larry. Why on earth would anybody want to do a ‘courtesy review’ of anything for free?

My InLaws had a Pool in Florida…
And I was surprised that a State that professes Code Compliance …
did not meet the minimum (non-existent) Code Compliance of my own State - Pennsylvania…

I am not surprised by your Post…

Bad accidents can happen in any location when unlicensed ‘contractors’ are used to save some money.:twisted:

Or, simply don’t know what they are doing.

From the news article I saw on TV it was the ground wire in the light transformer box that was not hooked up - it had come loose. How would we find that without taking the box apart.

A major source of pool leaks happen around the light kits. Galvanic action, chemicals eat away at the housing and the wires. Not sure how to detect that without dipping ones toes in. Perhaps Larry can chime in.