Anyone have any resources, docs, books, manuals, or anything on or about chillers they could refer me to? Mostly interested in inspection of, pm’s on, and dating of chillers.

I have a lot of background with chillers but it is all in my head no reference books anymore. When inspecting chillers hours of operating time very important some chillers have hour meters some don’t. When was if any the last overhaul and whom was the contractor in house or major contractor. When was the condenser last rodded out and or acid cleaned. The type of refrigerant and any records pertaining to adding refrigerant indicating possible leaks and or loss of refrigerant.

Cooling towers very important as they can indicate the condition of the tubes within the condenser. Does the tower have auto acid feed to maintain PH levels is the addition of chemicals into the tower maintained in a log book is there a contract with a chemical company to automatic deliver chemicals on site.

I would physically observe all safety switches for jumpers there should be none. I would observe the oil level within the sump and note the load on the compressor as this will effect the oil level. I would note the outside ambient at the time of inspection, the return and supply chill water temp the condenser supply and return water temp

My best advice if you are not familiar with chill water systems sub it out

The Pic is a 1200 ton chiller


I’ve been in the commercial HVAC business for 20 years and there is no way a building inspector can perform a proper PM on a chiller system unless you have extensive training and experience. Sub it out.

Erol I don’t know what Robert’s background is so I was just providing enough information to let him know nicely he was probably over his head.


Thanks for that post - when I am recommending additional specialist inspections, it’s very helpful to be able to explain briefly to the client WHY I am doing so, for example to be able briefly outline what sorts of additional investigations will be performed.

Hi Charles, been a while…:cool:

I just don’t want to see an inspector get into trouble by using the phrase ‘preventative maintenance’ or ‘PM’ in a report.

As we know, there is huge difference between performing a visual inspection and a service that is designed to maintain peak operating performance of equipment.

I still have several of my centrifical tear down manuals but they are all 6" thick 3 ring binders. Even with my knowledge and experiance I would sub out this portion of the inpsection.

Yes Erol its been a while I took a sabbatical from this BB Pushing my IR Business and I agree commercial Hvac is not for the novice. Cannot operate a chiller from a thermostat:shock::mrgreen:

Not me Bruce I don’t sub them out a commercial client is not interested in how to tear a chiller down. Basic concern is does it operate and am I going to have to replace it soon, how much past maintenance. Bean counters are interested in the bottom line$

You are welcome by all means if I can be of further help post it, land line me or e-mail me

Good info thanks. and im not interested in doing pm’s just check to see if they have been done. And the jumper thing thanks for the heads up.