Chim-scan for sale

I am selling a top of the line barley used Chim Scan series 200 camera with all accessories needed and various extras. 30ft of extension poles. 2 camera head with one that looks straight up and one that looks horizontal and spins around manually (light house camera).

Perfect condition. Asking $3500 which is almost half of what I paid for it new a few years ago. Call Bobby at four four three-871-7523.

Are you a certified chimney sweep?..Curious…

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Lovely specialized equipment.

I rebuilt masonry chimneys and inspected many looking down the flue to the smoke shelf using a lantern lowed by rope. Good camera gets the same job done. Just saying.

If you are accused of damage, better have a good waiver :thinking:

Im not sure what this has to do with selling it but it was used carefully and properly. I own the company and yes I had a certified sweep and inspector that I bought it for and we went a different direction with him and is only doing home inspections now.

Thank you. My curiosity is satiated…