Chimney crack and roof

Is there a way to digitally scan a roof or chimney to find a leak?

Not sure what that is.

Thermal imaging, moisture meters. etc. would be helpful tools along with a close inspection. Chimney sweeps employ other tools as well.


Hey Brian thanks for the quick response. I have a moisture meter and it is detecting water as well as I can see the discoloration in the wall and at the ceiling. Is there any way to do like a digital scan to actually determine where the issue is? I don’t know if the problem lies within the roof or the chimney of the structure itself. Its only reading at the spot at my chimney, however I have had tuck pointing done, new flashing installed when I got a new roof, sealants, and still its leaking

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like thermal imaging

Post a pic of the chimney, chimney flashing.


Your moisture meter has done its job, your roofer or mason has not. We also have chimney flue, crown or chase cover, cricket etc. to consider. As @sbridges2 has stated, we are flying blind.

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Here are the images

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I will not unzip a file from a stranger, sorry. Just upload individual photos please.


Possible entry point.

Possible entry point if not flashed properly.

This is an important photo.
Too bad its not in focus.

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I would hire a chimney sweep personally. I believe a good one can evaluate all of this.

I do not and have not used my chimney since I bought the home in 2015. But I will try that thanks, Brian and thank you as well Scott.

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