Chimney leaked out chute door, shoot

wanna try hand digging this puppy? :ghost:

Bubba wants to see Everdry etc dig this in 2 1/2 hours with no milk

some pretty blue clay, our favorite , they tossed in wood and other trash = morons

Inside basement on opposite side wall, some mold, deteriorated rod holes eh.
The interior basement system bubbleheads would have cut the bottom of drywall and installed their terdball water diverting system, they would not have bothered with plugging the rod holes, certainly not the upper rod holes, can you say more mold, Bubba can, Bo knows and Bubba knows, DannY beer cans man doesn’t know or doesn’t care, dig?

There appears to be a reoccurring theme in the foundations you repair. Lot grading and heavy impervious material or poured concrete hardscaping next to the foundation.
I duggem by hand before.

Lot grading? No, there WAS concrete UP-AGAINST this chimney, all the way around chimney, up tight and it was sloped away lolll so much for moron water management = for rookies - also case you’re wondering, the back and front yards are sloped away, oh yes indeedy

Yes, moron builders and city inspectors and CODES think it’s fine to backfill with clay soil, this is just the dumbest shit - Mr builder does it because Mr builder either doesn’t know better or doesn’t care because backfilling with this type of shtt is easier for him

the reoccurring theme is always, one or more exterior cracks, cracked parging, deteriorated rod holes etc

The same soil that was excavated goes back unless deemed expansive, contractive.
When the Back-Fill meets grading regulation, Non expansive and contractive its the best.
One Backfill soil is made-up of clay.
Home owners pay a premium to have Clay Back Fill replaced with washed stone.
I used washed stone on foundation crack repairs to the footing.
Hope that helps.

PS: Keep your post simple. There a mess.


you wrote, 'The same soil that was excavated goes back unless deemed expansive…"

Well what do you see that was used as backfill in 99% of my videos/jobs? CLAY soil!!! How simple is that, heLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLoooooooooooooooo

your codes are weak and incompetent on this subject

New builds, homeownerswould NOT pay a ‘premium cost’, shttt, that’s the best time and cheapest to waterproof the stupid walls and backfill with all gravel

My area has fine silt clay that makes a solid matrix of gravel, in a few years. The silt fills ALL the voids between gravel pieces.

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Yes. It’s simple when you understand what soils are required for the jurisdiction. It’s an easy to process to navigate through when you are regularly InTouch with regulators.
Simple, unlike your post that are jumbled and highly irregular, much like yourself.

Prefect post by you. Rude and convoluted, much like yourself.

you are the rude sob!

read n weep Young un
Page 96… 3.4.5 Backfill… lateral pressure problems are exasperated by using unsuitable backfill material, usually from ON-SITE excavation (duhh Robert)

you think you know-all, and maybe you know some shtt on a diff subject but you are ‘off’ on this subject buddy boy

Pages 117 and 118
4.1.2 some of the… Causative Factors

Three common events may contribute to significant differential straining,
2) RAISING lot elevation
3) long term lowering of groundwater level

Bob’sssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, that’s what your goofy butt always recommends lolll
Bob wants to bring in bunch of soil, RAISE the stOOOpyyyYYyYyyy grade and lower the ground level

Bob’zzz said, he dug em before… i left this alone at first but he came back after he popped 29 pillz so, are you saying you’ve hand dug thousand, tens of thousands of trenches? shttttttttttttt i highly doubt you dug ONE 6’ deep by 8’ long trench in your life, don’t make it look like (write) that you’ve done wtf we have, shtttttttttttttttttttZTTTTTTtttttttttttttttttttt

if you wanna play tough guy from the North, come spend one shtyyy day with us, let’s see first hand what ya got bruh

said, the best time to waterproof the ext of walls and backfill w/gravel is when house is being built

I can honestly say I have experience excavating a foundation wall by hand. I did it once! I determined that was enough for a lifetime. :+1::+1:


you sir are a hell of alot smarter than me

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When you have a moment, could you please explain the benefit of gravel backfill? Which soil works best above that?

Here in Georgia we have red clay. I know this is not your region, but it seems to me this red clay holds a lot of water and is very dense. I presume this clay is not ideal. Thanks

Further review, our soil is actually ultisol

the corp of eng’s link above,

page 112, photo 5. “Lateral pressure affecting basement wall, wall has deflected inward nearly 3” from grounding rod (you may wanna enlarge this photo)

photo 6, “Lateral pressure causing vertical crack mid-span of basement wall”

i often hear quite a few home inspectors tell homeowners vertical cracks are always due to settling, same with step cracks, you may wanna re TINK your claim

photo 13, "Inward deflection of basement wall (and pilasters), 9 inches of inward movement, pipes damaged…

Bobzzz, lemme know when you’ve popped pill number 36, ok?

Unsuitable is unsuitable.
Mark, once you learn to write to read I might pay attention.
Regards to your thread.

another 29 PILLED comment, you say you don’t pay attention to posts, why read my shtt, why respond?

lolll if my shtt bothers you so much and you disagree with much or all of it, seems you’re wasting your time bobber-man

how many trenches have you hand dug bobber? i don’t mean 2" or 2’ feet deep either, folla?

yes similar problems in Peach state

Pages 6 and 7 Damage to foundation walls
…in-part she goes, Based on application submissions and project reviews, the most successful repair method… remove the clay soil and backfill with sand or gravel…

Page 96 3.4.5 Backfill…
Page 98 Modeling results… demonstrate that granular backfills can reduce lateral pressures

John McEwen had a good article on waterproofing n backfilling with most-all gravel and so did Yoder builders in Ohio, both not available these days

Personally, throughout 4 decades of doing this shtt, we have always backfilled with most-all gravel, had all the clay and other junk that the builder backfilled with hauled away. Other junk includes wood, fairly often big g dang pieces of wood, cans, blocks, bricks and so on - all lazy stupid shtt, they didn’t care about what-how they backfilled, most still don’t.

Have gone back many times n looked at almost all these houses we backfilled with all gravel, ZERO problems with any supposed settling or other crap some bring up, NOTTA ONE.

Don’t want water sitting against the walls, the cracks, the bowed in walls, want to reduce the pressure hence the gravel backfill.

What works better above? We put top soil on top of a smidgen of clay or silt etc on top so homeowner can put flowers etc back if they choose, not on drive side walls or where concrete or pavers are going back in, all gravel then.

Wish i’d had taken a video on one of last estimates i did in Grosse Pointe Farms, a landscaper put in 4 shallow exterior french FRY drains in backyard and on one side of house, homeowners are getting water in basement and too much water puddling in some areas in B-yard, thing is the landscaper tied all 4 ext drains into a pvc pipe that goes through the block basement wall below grade and then under the basement floor lollll, got it? UNREAL! Who brings water, that amount of water INTO a house, into a basement n under the B floor, shhesh, tell ya who, an incompetent moron does this shtt, maybe Bobber in CA-land too, dunno, he may chime in, the landscaper prolly writes better than Bubba and so duh Bobster would likely agree with what the knothead did :face_vomiting:

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Bobber in CA land, with your vast knowledge of this subject maybe you could explain to all the long haired freaky people WHY this basement leaks in 2 areas, go ahead Chumley