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For you all that inspect mainly masonry chimneys, what is your take on chimney linings. What requirements do you know of as to the interior make up of the masonry lining, and if it should be clay tile, or other material. Chimneys have changed over the years, and I do not see many masonry chimneys in this area. However, many have clay tile linings, and most of the older units do not.

who is our resident expert on the proper design of a masonry chimney, and what knowledge can you provide.

Thanks in advance.

(The more I learn, the more questions I seem to have?)

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Clay tile is a very common lining for masonry chimneys. When performing your inspection look to see if the mortar joints between tiles
were laid up clean (no excess mortar gushing out at the joints into the chimney itself). This can lead to excess build up of creosote and a chimney fire.

I know a great many things about masonry fireplaces and chimneys. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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