Chimney Material.

I am hoping someone can help me. I have run across this chimney and have never seen one like it in the area. It has what appear to be small perforations in it and the brick look is only painted on. It has the feel of what I ‘might’ consider asbestos. This is used for a wood stove.
Thanks in advance

I don’t think anyone can feel asbestos, but even if it was it is outside. Are you sure it’s not entirely painted metal?

Does this chimney material go through the attic and into the living space?

It feels like fairly similar to asbestos siding …not that it is because I just don’t know(that was an example). The entire chimney is set up similar to a Selkirk exterior wall support would be.
Thank you

New to me Keith, but I wouldn’t start guessing whether a building product on a roof was asbestos or not. Really no one could tell unless it was tested anyway.

I have in my agreement I don’t test for it either, regarding a non-technically exhaustive inspection.

If I was the betting type (which I am), I would bet it isn’t asbestos.

Oh don’t you worry, that was just the example I used…poor example obviously.

Check the listing!! The listing will give you all info you need,No listing,refer it.

This chase may very well be approved,and homeowner just got a little creative re-painted brick.

As far as asbestos,I agree with Dale.