Chimney outside


The picture is too small to see much but did you have a question?

Don’t know why it loaded so small had to do it twice. Was just curious if anyone has ever seen a chimney like this. It looks normal on the inside of home but on the outside looks like some kind of grilling feature but also looks like it could be dangerous. Anyone ever see this? it has two openings.

Rare but not unseen…
Is there back to back fireplace?
Used for exterior social events. Family cooking, gatherings, etc.
If it compliment and no deficiencies then its OK.
Nothing abnormal in my opinion.

Try this out Mr. Collier.
Image sniping.

  1. Load to windows pictures.
  2. Zoom to the size you wish and snip again.
  3. Then post the size you wish.

Now click on the attachment.:wink:

Possible deficiencies.
The exterior envelope and other ignitable components maybe to close to the inner hearth.

Inspect it as a regular chimney inspection.

Exterior forces play a roll in draft, and components conditions.

Again thanks.

I would just recommend that spark arrester screen be installed on either side of the openings. This design looks to be for open concept,IE no where near combustibles and may not have been considered as needing side protection when being built.