Chimney Question

Why would this chimney have a open pipe in the attic?
Fresh air intake?


So Santa can look into the attic and see the improper electrical connection.

It gets air from the top. What the chimney still in use? Weird.

Yes it is.

My guess is it was once the termination for water heater vent. Was there a hole in the ceiling under the hole in the fireplace?

Gas water heater the other end of the house.

Round door for Mr. Squirrell to live comfortably in the attic?

Likely A old flue connection , it should be blocked . no reason for it to be opened

There was a blower at the lower base of the fireplace. It was inoperative.
Could this be for the blower?

I have seen those in older houses, originally the house may have had space heaters instead of central heating, or maybe they had a space heater on the second floor because it may have been difficult to heat a particular second floor room with a gravity heating system.

This was a two story home. It was built in 1977.

It may have been a provision for a 2nd floor wood stove or fireplace that did not get utilized. In any event, it should be capped off.

That’s an awfully small hole for a stove or fireplace…