What recommendation would you give on a brick chimney that the brick facing is popping off?

Here Gary, you might find some interesting facts as to why brick facings fail.

Spalling is noted on page four of this PDF.

Hope this helps.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

brick facing is popping off chimney…what else can you say…jmo…jim

I like to give some possible cures, followed up by having a professional contractor repair and evaluate.


I report them as “Bricks on chimney are spalling, recommend repair or replacement by a professional Mason.”

Good Morning David.

That is the bottom line, and that is how I would report it in my report, but like some others, I really like to come down to the cause and remediation of the problem for my own benifet, and also sometimes in my area most people will want some sort of explanation of what is involved.

The client is appreciative of any explanation and know that they have to hire a Mason to correct it, but most importantly, how much is it worth for them to bring it up to the negotiation table, if they still want to buy the property.

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good point…jim

Hi Marcel. I, also, like to talk to my client regarding potential causes and potential remediation and I do so verbally. My report would describe the spauled brick and recommend repair as needed by a qualified professional/masonry contractor.