Chinese Buying Huge Amounts of Real Estate

The Drudgereport reports a link that explains how the Chinese are buying huge amount of American real estate.


I seem to recall Japan doing the same this a few decades ago.

Didn’t work out too well for them.

The Chinese are dumping the dollar by any means possible and trading those silly pieces of paper for hard assets.

No one is storing wealth in paper U.S. dollars any longer.

This is news?
Been going on for about 5 years here.
Have many Chinese clients.
They need land and we have nothing else left to sell.

I have a client that bought 4 properties in the last 3 months. They rent them to Chinese students in Chicago.

1/4 of my clients are from the Far East.

Booked another one today for Saturday.

We need a Chinese “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book.

No you need it in “Mandarin,” I would suspect. However, they do speak English and use it quite effectively. 90% of hires at the

IMF in the last three years have been Chinese women who are PhD’s. So the books wont do.:wink:

Usually the woman acts as head of the household ,keeps her name and uses an American alias.

Huge Chinese culture here. I have at least one inspection a week that is Asian