Chinese drywall and your health

The following excerpt was found in an article in the Sun Sentinel on 11/5/2009 concerning the health effects of Chinese Drywall. They still claim there is no link behind the health effects of the gases emitted from this drywall, yet they urge people to open windows, lower their temperature in the home, and spend as much time as possible outside the home. When are they ever going to get it right.

Health officials are reluctant to provide definitive guidance until more intense testing on a larger number of homes is completed later this month. In the meantime, they recommend people living in homes with the defective wallboard open the windows, keep room temperatures at the lowest comfortable settings and spend as much time as possible outdoors.

No one will commit to any postive, or any test or defect, with this drywall. Too much litigation in the pipeline. They are reluctant for a reason. Liability.

This is still relatively new stuff. Much of their information is post litigation setup. Meaning they ask people what are their health problems AFTER they hire an attorney. So they think someof their findings may be askew. Most of the people who call me just call because of a small and they hate replacing their AC coils…