Chinese drywall-does the contamination go away

I recently inspected a 1999 built home that has Chinese drywall. The garage was converted into a large bedroom with full bath. It’s believed that tainted drywall was used in this remodeled garage. The buyer wants to convert it back to a full garage. if the tainted drywall was all removed would the contaminates dissipate. And I know there are other things such as the wiring for the buyer to concider, but the question is should the coustic chemical reaction and odor dissipate.

But of course…

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Based on all I’ve seen and heard, the problem is the drywall. Once the drywall is replaced, the problem is reduced. However, the results of exposure to the HVAC, electrical,etc., remain.

Many items and systems may need replacement, or will fail prematurly.


What is the answer to THE question?

Does it dissipate?

The damage is not going to fix itself… Obviously!

Getting rid of the stuff, will that stop the accelerated damage or does it have to be neutralized before it will stop?

I do not believe anyone has a long term answer for damages of contaminated drywall.

I have had people state to remove all metals, including copper plumbing fittings and all cu wires.

I had an investor buy a property recently, with contaminated drywall and they were cleaning it.

After removal of all the offending drywall and carpet they were replacing the appliances and cleaning in the copper electrical connections. On areas were there was enough wire they would trim it back and reconnect. The house was plumbed with PEX and they were debating how to correct the metal connections.

I could not offer them an opinion on if this was the right or wrong way to handle this. When we pulled apart the twisted electrical connections there was no evidence of corrosion where the wires were touching and in the short term I can not see how it would effect the home wiring. We know in the short term the appliances fail.

I do no think anyone has the answer what happens after the offending drywall is removed and will there be lingering effects, in the long term.