Chinese Drywall inspection needed in Richmond, TX

I was contacted by Lynn in Richmond, TX looking for an experienced Chinese Drywall inspector ASAP. If you can help her out or know an inspector that can, please call her direct at 713.319.4113.

I will not be monitoring the thread so please call her direct!

I’ve contacted Lynn and have set up an appointment.

John, have there been any credible reports of Chinese drywall in the Greater Houston area? I heard rumors of one in Montgomery county but nothing official.

Thanks John! Appreciate the quick response :wink:

[FONT=&quot]The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center’s investigation has now determined, that the imported Chinese dry wall and tainted US made drywall has been installed all over the state of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Southeast Texas, and all other regions of the United States.[/FONT]

For what it’s worth.

I’ve only heard stories of a few instances. Nothing wide spread. After speaking with her, the house seems to have the classic indicators. I guess we shall see.