Chinese Drywall Inspection Training

Coming Soon!

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Ben please tell us more about it. I must have missed the e-mail

Check it out

This course is well worth the time. I have researched Chinese drywall on the internet before and had some knowledge. This course included what I had previous leaned and much more and the material was well organized.

What I like about the course is that everything is in one place and it can be reviewed when ever necessary.

I took the course, very informative.

Jerry did you speak to Pierre Amil yesterday? He called me in error thought one of your customers reports was mine.

Sorry Ben. Didn’t mean to highjack the thread. I just got back from Tainted Drywall Inspection BTW…Really bad one in Pompano Beach, FL.

Not all defective drywall is Chinese Board. There have been documents cases of domestic drywall board problems.

Nope, what kind of report was it?
If you can e-mail it info @
I’m curious, thanks.

Wind Mit I believe Jerry. I don’t have the report. He called me in error. That’s all I know besides the fact that it was you he was looking for. Sorry.