Chinese Drywall Reporting Format

Does anyone have a format they will share?

Thanks in advance.

Pete, check your email.


Just found some in a 25 year old house with 3 year old rehab in KC.

Our Report said:

“We observed drywall in the new add-on and new basement finish out that was stamped MADE IN CHINA. This type of drywall has recently been discussed on the internet and in various trade associations and has purportedly experienced a higher than normal rate of problems that can affect other systems (like HVAC, plumbing, etc). *We recommend that you do your own research on this type of drywall and rely on the evaluation and advice of a competent specialist prior to the close of escrow”.
We are told that some insurance companies or lenders may not choose to accept it, and may recommend upgrading this type drywall or other systems. Verify acceptability with your insurance company and/or lender prior to closing escrow".

KwikReports has the a Chinese Drywall Report that was developed by the First Home Inspection firm to ever offer Chinese Drywall Insepctions. Check out the sample report at