Chinese Drywall Training

I was doing an inspection and came across what appears to be Chinese drywall. As a licensed home inspector, Can I charge to inspect for Chinese drywall? Also, if there is training, where is it. Not sure if I need a specific license for it or if a home inspection license is sufficient. I came across it once before with a CMI I was working for so I know all the signs to look for and found signs everywhere through the home.


This link from the CPSC has alot of information you might find useful including the latest identification guidance.

You can certainly charge to perform an inspection to identify problem drywall. There is no specific license to perform such an inspection. I’m sure other inspectors will chime in here, but I don’t know of any specific training classes. If you decide to offer the service be sure to use an appropriate agreement to limit your liability. I think it’s equally important to exclude this type of inspection from your standard home inspection agreement like you would environmental contaminants like mold,lead,asbestos, etc.