chinese drywall?


February 23, 2009

Clean Seal International LP was selected as the first microbial treatment organization to address the infamous “Chinese drywall” epidemic that has been in the national media recently. The first set of treatments will be addressing residential infestation of carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, dimethyl sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide in excess of $3 million of residential property immediately.

The company identified and confirmed these toxins being directly emitted from the “Chinese drywall” in the aforementioned homes. Not only are these toxins affecting the quality of air, they are also affecting copper wiring and computer equipment. For more information on eradicating this problem please contact us directly. “”

Stephanie Carroll
Marketing Manager
Clean Seal
Office- (910) 528-2099

Appears to be affecting mostly South Florida homes although other areas have had issues as well.

Names to remember:
**Knauf **

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