Chinese Drywall

I’m seeing this crap in homes biult at the tail end of 2008. Anyone come across this? I looked at a home built in Nov 2008. Coils black, Electric panel clean, 3 outlets in home had black ground wires. Unreal! Then looked at a home built in 2007. All looked good. Does anyone have any clue as to how long this stuff takes to show up in homes. I’m hearing 7-10 years from builders. Are they blowing smoke up my butt? If your doing a home inspection on homes built between 03-08 my advice is to look for signs and disclaim, disclaim. Thanks for any input.

On any home built in that time frame, I ask the Client if they want a Chinese Drywall inspection done first.
If they say no, it is already disclaimed in my report. I may also add an “Inspections requested/declined” page in my reports or pre-inspection agreement.

On the home built in 2008, did you confirm the presence of Chinese Drywall? If so, now you know at least 4 years.

I told my client that there was evidence of CD. That when seeing discolored copper it is always a possibility. For homes that I do just a CD inspection if there are visual signs I ask if legal recourse is taking place. If so then sampling is needed. Just a visual never holds up in court. But on the other hand it takes years to get anywhere especially if builder is out of business. Thanks for the response.

If you are going to tell your client there is evidence of Chinese Drywall, I would suggest you go further and prove it.
There are other things that discolor copper. Was there an attic? If so, did you pull up insulation and look for drywall?

People who own homes that have signs are always given the option to sample. I use lakeland lab. They charge $75.00 per sample. Usually people buying homes or looking waive the testing. They don’t want to spend money on a home they might or might not buy. I do look in the attic. Its a hit or miss thing. Sometimes says made in usa, in that case tell client cut sections of inside walls out. Hard to use a boroscope. “Most” of the time I see Palatka or Knauf on the back. Palatka can go either way. Sometimes when sample testing comes back it will show 5-8 ppm. And the house wiring/ac coils are totally black. Then get this, got some that were over 100 ppm and just coils were black all wiring ok. (coils have original date on them) Go figure. What els turns copper black? I see high humidity turn it gray and green. Thanks. Most of these homes are located in Wesley Chapel, New Tampa areas.