Chinese Drywall

I found my second house with Chinese drywall. The buyer didn’t want to risk $350,000 on a house with it. He didn’t care if it was tainted or not.

I don’t blame him, I’d pass on it as well.


Good find Greg.
Did you observe any corrosion/black wiring, etc?

Where did you see that stamp? Garage ceiling with 24" OC trusses?

That’ some nasty stuff. Built my house in 2002, but used 5/8" drywall everywhere. Guess I dodged the bullet.

Good catch Greg.


The house was a stripped foreclosure that is being flipped. The wiring was the only item that wasn’t new.

16" in the garage area. I didn’t remove any insulation from the ceiling on the second floor attic.

It was the last place I went after 3 hours.

That was a little before the big demand on drywall. You used 5/8" on the walls too?

Everywhere. Not as susceptible to waving as the 1/2".

The only thing that takes care of waving is to crown your studs before “arseholes and elbows”.:smiley:

Greg, just an FYI, on anything built 02-10, we always check the outlets, air handler, and the garage attic/attic FIRST before we any other part of the inspection, that away we haven’t wasted all our time when we find what you did, which we have quite a few times this year.

Why did Nachi stop offering a course about Chinese drywall?

It’s listed in the course offering.

Yes but if you click on it it takes you to an error page which redirects you to a short (1 page) article about Chinese drywall. I emailed Nick today, he emailed Ben, Ben emailed me that Nachi doesn’t offer that course anymore. I emailed back wondering why… I haven’t received a response. Thought maybe someone here knows.

I did found this on bing though.

Some of the pages are sideways and some are upside down but still useful.

I do that, plus a straight edge and plane.

Sounds like good advise.

My magazine ad.
Use all or any part of it you wish if you offer the service.
I’ve performed around 110 inspections on calls from the ad. :smiley:

Thanks Marc, but the link won’t open on my iPad, I will try it on my laptop…