Chinese drywall

If all the plumbing is cpvc/pvc, what are some good ways of noticing signs of Chinese drywall?

Air conditioning coils and supply lines, electrical wiring, check the attic for drywall labeled “made in China”.

Being in Florida, you should take the Chinese drywall course.

Both comments are “right on” , no more info needed. Unless you want to check with your local health dept. for listed remediation sites.

I also look behind several receptacle covers to see the condition of the copper lines.

I just did a condo that was built in 2005 and discoloration was only detected at the panel. Convinced no Chinese Drywall was present, any other suggestions that may of caused this?

Here is your answer

Ceiling drywall is normally 5/8" — Most Chinese drywall was 1/2"…So, you can easily have tainted 1/2" walls where the ceiling drywall came from another source that is not tainted. Check Copper on the refrigerator condenser coil in addition to ahu coil, breaker panel and electrical outlets. I have heard that there is also 5/8" tainted drywall, but I have never come across any.

And if you find any 1/2 Chinese drywall on the ceiling it all needs to be replaced