Chinese Drywall

Are we responsible for officially declaring a house to be free of CD (or recommending further review if signs are found) or does that fall outside the scope of our responsibilities?

I know we strive to do the best to look for signs of CD, but I’d like to know who the burden rests on if there are no obvious signs and it turns out they do have CD.

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You can only report what you can find. To know if a home has contaminated drywall, you must have several signs and either find a label or do testing, neither of which is within the scoop of a home inspection. If I see evidence I tell them to do further testing/evaluation.

OK, so since specialty equipment is required to scan or sample the drywall it falls outside the realm of a visual inspection right?

The very general FL SOP had me worried:

“61-30.807 Standards of Practice, Interior Components.
(1) The interior components that shall be inspected include the following:
(a) Interior walls, ceilings, and floors;”

Corrrect, but if something if obvious you should report it.

I agree with John.

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Good answer.