Chip reader.

I guess it’s time to get the new square chip reader. Anyone having issues with their new chip reader?

My first Square Chip reader died. The app said it needed to be replaced. Was able to order a warranty replacement right through the app.

only when I don’t have a signal up in the mtns.

Love it. Works as long as you have signal.

It doesn’t make contact with my phone with the Otterbox cover on.


Get a new phone you’re rich :slight_smile: The G7 I have noes not need such a high tech case because of the water resistance part and durability of materials. I do not even have a screen protector on it and drooped it a great many times flat on the screen and nothing happened once I dropped it on the edge and I have a crack so fine I cannot see it unless I tilt it just right and the light hits it perfectly so no bother there :slight_smile: Good luck Pops :slight_smile: