Chmn of Appropriation Committee says "NO" to MO HB 1714

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Rep Sater had already promised me a “no” vote due to the lack of demonstrated need for this bill, but after seeing how it establishes a statewide “standard” for all inspectors to enforce in searching for “defects” as a result of standards selected by a licensing board…he has promised to “speak out” against the bill, as well, to other representatives.

It is encouraging to see that not all Missouri Representatives share the same shameful views of their jobs as the outgoing Curt Dougherty.

To other inspectors who are still in this fight, I encourage you to ignore those who would have you think that “Dougherty speaks the truth” and you have no hope of fighting this bill.

Stick with it. Keep the emails and letters and phone calls targeted toward those who still listen to their constituents.

The truth is a very powerful weapon.

There is not a single inspector on this board that has said there is no hope in fighting this bill. There are several of us inspectors that have expressed that Dougherty has spoken the truth and respect him for that.