Choosing the RIGHT home inspector.

Hey guys,

Thank You for all the feedback on my little video experiment…it shows me educational video’s in short brief 2-3 minute formats are needed…and more shall come.

Hi! Paul
First let me say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
Second the clip and plug for NACHI inspectors is top notch.
Regards Len:)

Thanks Ken…I am trying to find a cheap software that will remove the hissing…have to remember I have some high tech recording equipment…but this one is from a little ole 80 dollar video cam…so fixing the hissing will be my next challenge…

Simple FIX…put some TAPE over the mic…problem solved !

Here is a sample…with the TAPE on…no more hissing…:slight_smile:

Felt like I met you at last, on Christmas morning. Ref. the “Finding the Right Inspector” tape, you present very well. You might want to see what others think, but I would back the camera off, in deference to “social distance,” but still maintain the intimate touch. You’ll have to get rid of the Daffy-Duck hissing. And, if I were you, I’d substitute “thoroughly” for “thorough,” and look for a substitute word for “moral.” Good luck, and thanks for everything you do for the membership.

Thanks Keith…I solved the HISSing…check this one out…again these are my test runs…I am working on some educational versions in the next coming weeks.

You beat me to it. Was sipping my morning cup of tea, and thought, “I don’t know diddely about making videos,” and intended to write you a PS. apologizing for my arrogance. Listening to the “new” one, and getting an echo.

No…No…my friend…I want feedback as I plan on doing a whole series of educational training…these are only test runs with a cheap new video cam…I have high end equipment that I will use in the future as well…but for short takes…I like this low end one…rather good quality for 80 bucks…

Anyway…I thank you my friend…it is all about making them good for the home inspectors out there…thats all I want to do.

My next video will be on how to properly size a service with only the information provided to the home inspector…should be neat but it will be a few days on this…I am so busy with electrical projects I need time to make it.

Merry Christmas Paul. Not to pick on your tape but you are comming across as if you are yelling at the people, calm down, talk as if your a friend to them, not selling. Don’t point your finger over and over in our faces. Lets see the next one.

BUT I am a mean man Lawrence…I can’t help it…and as Joe F has stated I am quite FULL of myself so it is the only way I can come accross…:slight_smile:

I like it!!! I wanted to do the same but have not done it yet…

Mark I will be doing some more…not so funny ones…people just dont get my humor so I will remove any humor from my video’s in the future…also they do not seem to like my self depicting humor of calling myself the electrical guru…I wont explain WHY I do it…lol…I just happen to find it funny because I know it gets under some peoples skin…plus in this industry as a speaker you have to stand out…and I STAND OUT very well…all about publicity and image…I like the way I am doing BOTH…

Anyway…if you ever want a video on any topic…just let me know.

Ok…this was only a sample…thanks for the feedback…going to remove it now…Hope you all enjoyed :slight_smile:

And I thought you talked with a lissssssssssssssp

lol…quite possible…

I think as many NACHI inspectors should do these as possible. There are several ASHI videos that show up in a search each time and we need more as well. It’s a good plug for each inspector and a good plug for NACHI.