Chose not to fully inspect closet

Great for people with breathing problems

What was the cause.

Moisture…Bob… duhhhhhhhh.

I myself would have put on a Dust Mask and continued

Moisture or water.
So it must be dangerous in the rain.(duh)!

Not that you have any idea what water is in all that sand.

I am sure Sean knows what I mean ,however I will try and use simple language ,just for you.:slight_smile:

If you’re afraid of that, how do you handle crawl spaces???

He calls me.

You and Sean have a spat going on or you two just messing with each other? :slight_smile:

Hhahhahahahh, Excellent… :smiley:

he is a no good deal killer disrupting the daily Business of Realtors, He is picky non forgiving , will not not be intimidated and will not be swayed by promises of more work.
In short I like the guy. lol we get along . The only thing wrong is he has stated he was a former republican Realtor . lololol
Psst i am trying to convert him to the dark side.

Joe really does not have a sense of humor.
The problem was typical drainage issues, and the fact when they built the pool they sloped the sides so all the water to run against the house

Pencil neck why are you not working.!

That’s nothing compared to this home I ran into…