Chris, new message board is very fast. Thanks.


Nick, could you tell me what changed? I have not noticed anything different.

Did I miss something?

I am a little slow to these things. ha. ha.

Marcel :):wink:

The url’s for the board are now SEF (Search Engine Friendly). That’s a nice change :slight_smile:

Great, everyone can see our ranting:)

  1. Significantly improved SEO
  2. Better spam management & prevention
  3. Thread tagging
  4. Search cloud / tag cloud
  5. Thread prefixes
  6. Reciprocal friendships between users
  7. Public visitor messaging on profile pages with ‘conversation’ feature
  8. User picture galleries with user comment facility
  9. User-created social groups with invite only and moderated membership options
  10. Extended member profile pages
  11. Customizable member profile pages
  12. Inline editing of custom user profile fields
  13. Lightbox viewer for attached images
  14. Notices system for navigation bar
  15. Advanced human-verification systems including reCAPTCHA to prevent spam
  16. Social bookmarking integration

Robert, #9 may be of interest to you. And keeping with InterNACHI’s member-driven philosophy, any member can set up their own social group.

Whats number 9 all about?

Each member can create his own message board within this message board. You can moderate it if you like. Let who you want in.

I think.

Kevin Richardson already set up one for IR. Perhaps ask him to come here and explain how he did it.

I like it.

Who has access to the private groups besides those invited?

Chris the almighty sees all. :smiley:

But we staffers don’t have any access to that stuff.

I think that means you won’t be invited to the Larson / Stufflebeem group…:mrgreen: