Chris Rice

I have been using the practice exam to prepare for the national exam and I am having a hard time making sure I have the right info for some of the questions. I have been passing the practice test with high 80’s and low 90’s but have abut 15-20 questions that I am not sure about. I have tried to research the correct answers and just can’t find some of them out there. Does anyone know if there is an answer key for the NACHI Practice test? Also, how does everyone feel about using this test as a guide to how I might do on the National test?

The frustrating thing about these tests is that you often have to read between the lines, or read around the question to get to its true intent. Whether this is by design I do not know.

Bottom line is you just have to study the material until you truly understand the systems involved, because you will get questions that are not directly covered in the study materials. This I do believe is by design, as it is all too tempting to “study to the test” rather than delve in and truly learn the material.

When you go through these practice tests, make note of the questions that you are not 100% confident you know not only the answer to, but the principles behind. I would suggest just doing a screen capture, assuming you are doing them on-line. Those will serve as your study guide for reviewing your study materials.