Christmas in Florida

Me and my girl at Santa Rosa Beach in Florida on Christmas morning. Sunny and 70 – I think I could live this life! Merry Christmas to all.


What is it with inspectors and their dogs! You and Linus ( and others taking pictures of yourselves and your dogs on Florida beaches?

Personally, I would take my wife, or at least some woman.

But, hey, whatever floats your boat. :cool:

I took both!!:slight_smile:

PC190010 (Small).JPG

PC190008 (Small).JPG

“I think I could live this life!”

Yeah, but would you want to pay our taxes and insurance down here!!

It is cold rainy and we had a twister in Deland

Someone has to take the picture!

That dog looks extremely tall next to your lady their Linas. :slight_smile: Very loooooong legs! :wink:

The puppy is a Great Dane/Black Lab mix. The wife is also a mixed breed.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: