Christmas Is Early This Year — Enjoy Free BuildFax Reports Until Thanksgiving 2014!

Anyone is invited to sign up for 30 days free HG Services trial and test out this new informative tool BuildFax!

Can’t seem to get it to work for Alberta

Unfortunately it is not available for our Canadian neighbors. I am disappointed it is not.

Interesting how you can hover your pointer over the BuildFax logo on your report dashboard and get a popup showing if any permits have been issued, number of contractors, warnings for aging systems, pools, etc.

Yes, those are teasers that I negotiated for our users. They can help you the inspector even before you purchase. If it says no permits for instance and you get there with a new addition, well it can alert you to the foundation and other areas knowing that no permit was issued. There are other things that you can infer from too.

Happened today, total remodel and addition with no permits (checked by looking at BuildFax on my dashboard). Talk about “lipstick on a pig” :roll:. Thanks Russell!