Christmas Party etiquette. Read first.

  1. If you win something but don’t want it or need it, type “Pass” and we’ll give it to the next member.

  2. Feel free to play for fun even if you don’t want/need the prize by posting the word “Pass.”

  3. If you win something from InterNACHI, it will be shipped to the address you have on file in unless you give us other instructions.

  4. If you win something from an industry vendor other than InterNACHI, you should contact that vendor direct to claim your prize and to give that vendor your shipping address.

  5. Unlike most publishers, InterNACHI encourages you to share our books with fellow members. So if you win a book, read it, and want to offer it to your fellow members, please do so on this message board.

  6. If you have something you don’t have use for and want to give it away at our online Christmas party, feel free to do so. The item need not be inspection related.

  7. Industry vendors: We’d prefer you give real gifts with no strings attached. In other words, don’t use our Christmas party to offer “a fourth one for 1/2 off when you buy 3” or other such discounts. Gift certificates are permissible.

  8. We fully plan to have everything shipped in time for you to receive your packages by Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

I still have no clue what time this event starts, nor do I know how to access it despite previous attempts to find out???

Looking forward to the fun

Derek, you just have to watch the forum and then there will be a thread and it goes something like this…" the first 10 people wins XXXX" and then the first 10 people to reply by typing their name, address and state gets the prize
Ther is no time frame, it just goes on throughout the day.

Correction… Name, City, State

Nick doesn’t ask for our addressed to be posted, ever, thus #3 above…

That’s right, good catch Jeff:)

Lets get the party started!!

Last year I gave away a few items but it cost a few $$$ to ship across the border. I had a few items I won a few years ago that I finally opened.

Thanks for the party, I will try to behave!! (NOT):twisted:

Thanks again to Nick et al. for their generosity.

So no limit to how many times we can win???

I want to know in advance from Saint Nick so no one complains if anyone gets real lucky. I would be happy for them :slight_smile:

Ask Greg Bell! :shock:

I want Saint Nicks Opinion as it is his party.
I think it keeps more people online giving more hits and that is good.
Win all you can I “think” was how it went last year.


How do you know if you won something? Is there a notification, or do you just “post and hope”?

post and hope or do the math. Nick does not mess up.

are all the posts in this topic ?

all over the place Jude