Chrysler Airtemp Blower Motor

[FONT=Arial Narrow]I have Chrysler Airtemp furnace Model No. 4210-1B. Well, as best I can tell it is a B. It could be an 8 or a 6. However, I’m not able to find anything on the internet other than this forum. Here is my situation: I can hear that a bearing is going bad in the blower motor. I am not able to see the part no. on the motor and need to remove it in order to do so. It appears that the motor sits on a slide rail on this unit. There is one pin and one screw that keep it in place. My question is: If I remove this screw and slid the motor out, is there a belt that I also need to be aware of? I would hate to pull this out and then not be able to reconnect the belt. I will ensure that there is no power to the furnace prior to attempting this. [/FONT]

Thank you for your assistance.

I did not look your furnace # up so I don’t know the age but older Chrysler air temps had belt driven blowers. If you can see the motor one should be able to see a belt and yes the belt would have to be removed to slide the motor on its mounting bracket its usually on a cradle type bracket BTW if there is a belt the slide is how you tighten the belt. Do you know that motors do not have to be OEM all one needs to match up is the voltage, rotation and HP (horse power) generally speaking on fractional HP motors when the bearings wear out its generally recommended to just replace the motor

Thank you for your reply. There is an inspection sticker from 1977. I did not know that about the motors. That is very helpful.