Chrysler Airtemp

Can someone help me age my Chrysler Airtemp unit model 4213-2 and serial number 04N5033

Your unit is well beyond End Of Life (30+ years old), time to upgrade or budget to upgrade.

Believe me I know. My warranty won’t approve my replacement without the year.

Well then it’s incumbent on their internal processes or their own sub-contractor/technician to document the age of the equipment.

They asked me to call Chrysler temp to get it

It’s impossible to know the exact year from the model & serial you posted. I would review the warranty claim procedure and give a range for year (or just make one up, cause they wouldn’t know either). It shouldn’t matter how old it is at such age. If they decline your claim based on you getting the year wrong, you have a crappy warranty that is trying to wiggle their way out of paying.

You will need a time machine to go back to early 1970s.
Chrystler airtemp have been out of business for a long long time.

Send your warranty rep this link:

They cannot reasonably expect/demand that the consumer be able to determine date of manufacture for the HVAC equipment. They have no reason to expect you to be capable of providing any information that is not on the label.

I was planning to check again for year. I’m stuck with warranty it came with new house

So does that mean they have already dispatched a tech to diagnose the equipment? They don’t just come by an replace stuff without looking at it and trying to fix it.

If so, it’s the HVAC technicians responsibility to provide unit specific data. And, apparently, most home warranties exclude coverage beyond a certain age anyway (often 15 years) , so I wouldn’t get too excited hoping for a pleasant experience.

The 4213 model was manufactured in 1965.

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