I have a home that I inspected that the homeowner suspects asbestos ceiling tiles in the kitchen. I can test them at my lab, but, I am hoping to get some guidance from you folks as to a visual recognition.

Oh, the house was built in 1953

Not sure about visual recognition of asbestos ceiling tiles, I don’t see it here often or ever. But I DO NOT recommend you sample it and send it to a lab. Doing so (breaking off a sample) can actually cause the particles to become airborne and increase any hazard. Refer them to an asbestos company.

Thanks to Bob and Mike. Both very valuable contributions!!

Asbestos tiles, insulation, siding, etc. should be treated like a hibernating Grizzly Bear…

“DO NOT disturb”

That is kinda funny yet true.

I always tell my clients you either Encapsulate or Remediate, but don’t ever Irritate…LOL…


good one…Encapsulate or Remediate, but never irritate and always resporate!