Cigarette Detection


I hope you can help me…

For health reasons, I’ve chosen to live in a non-smoking residential building. Smoking is permitted on balconies and other outside designated areas.

However, my neighbors insist on smoking inside the unit!

While I’ve notified management staff that I can smell the smoke in my unit, I can’t prove it by the time they arrive to verify. Management cannot, or won’t, inspect the violators home for smoking until they confirm the smell.

With that said, I would like to find a certified test that detects (and records/retains findings) the presence of cigarette smoke. Can you help with this request?

Many thanks,


Buy a 9mm shoot them.

There’s test plugs for electrical receptacles but it doesn’t matter.
How would someone get it inside & then out of the apt AND proof it was in there.
When’s your lease up? Buy a home & hire an INachi inspector.