Cinder Blocks inside a 'poured concrete wall?

Has anyone came across this before? I was inspecting a cabin today. The foundation wall, from all outward appearances, seemed to be a poured contrete wall. However, there was a small area where a veneer had fallen away exposing dry stacked cinder blocks.


Do you have a wider view of wall?

Looks like dry stack with parge/bonding coat from here.

That was my initial thought as well, but there appears to be a “seam” in the pour from the plywood forms.

A wider view would be nice…

Exactly my thought

Looks like a dry stack with a surface bond.

I considered that as well, and wrote it off (without more info) as it may have had a hard-board insulation product applied when wet (now missing), or if applied in cooler/cold weather, plywood applied (temporarily) during curing to assist against freeze damage. The OP mentioned a ‘cabin’ (aka. ‘anything goes’), but no details.

Sorry for not more being more detailed guys. You all are confirming what I was thinking. Another potential issues may be that the blocks are not stagered. This is a pic of the other side of the cabin. It is in a county that did not have any building codes when this was built.