Circa 1830 wiring

Was not K & T. What other type was there? Where I could see it, it was really thick (like 8 or 6 ga) There couldn’t have been too many types…
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

1830 wiring? Where did you come up with that date? Electricity was not commercially produced until 1880. I wonder what the family of 1830 plugged in to their wall outlets…

MLS sheet & sellers. Post & beam house.

They plugged in the kerosene lanterns.

I would advise you to refrain from perpetuating that error by publishing it in your report. Do you have pictures?

OK, let me rephrase. When the wiring was put in, what other types were used, besides K & T?

In some instances, gas piping which was used for gas lighting, was used to run electric conductors.

A circa 1830 home did come with wiring unless it was built by an extraterrestrial.

How about a picture?

The house may well have been built in 1830, the electrical service added much later.