Circuit analyzer

Is anyone selling a circuit analyzer? I need a new one.

Thanks Marcel. I’m checking to see if anyone is selling one first…

I know you get what you pay for, but dang that sucker is expensive.
If anyone is familiar with both the Ideal Industries 61-165 SureTest Circuit Analyzer and the Amprobe INSP-3 Wiring Inspection Tester I would appreciate your opinion of how they compare.

ONE COMPARISON POINT: I just bought an Amprobe INSP-3. One of the reasons I chose it over the SureTest is that all the main information is on one screen, instead of having to toggle back and forth. That way I could take a photo of the screen results during a test, noting the location of the receptacle, so as to have a record of the read of the results, in case its challenged. My understanding is that with the SureTest, one must toggle back and forth to get all the data, which takes extra time and eliminates the photo op. But the single screen shot seems valuable and time-saving. At least that’s my take on it.

There is also a secondary screen on the INSP-3, but the voltage drop is on the main screen. There is a GFCI test screen as well that tells under what milli-amps the GFCI tripped, whether 6, 30 or fail and how long it took to trip.

I would like to see a feature-by-feature comparison chart between the two, if that can be done. I tried it on another product line and it proved nearly impossible to do.

Hope this helps,
P. J. Severtson