Citizens 4 point inspection information

This is not new to most of you that have been doing 4 point inspections but this was in a Citizens Underwriting manual for agents that is effective 10/1/2011. This lists what makes a home uninsurable.

*"K. Heating And Electrical

  1. Properties which have a portable heater or open flame as a primary source of heat, (e.g., electric, oil or kerosene
    portable space heater, gas heater, or any device utilizing an open flame).
    Exception: Permanent and factory or professionally installed, central gas, fireplaces or wood burning stove heat
  2. Properties which contain any potentially hazardous electrical conditions, knob & tube or aluminum branch wiring
  3. Properties equipped with electrical service less than 60 amps.
    Exception: If approved by a Florida licensed electrician, licensed journeyman electrician, or municipal building
    inspector within the last five (5) years.
    L. Roof Conditions
    • Roofs that are damaged; or
    • Roofs that have visible signs of leaks; or
    • Roofs that have less than three years of remaining useful life. The “remaining useful life” is the remaining life
    expectancy of the roof covering to function as intended based upon an inspection of the wear and tear, decay,
    deterioration, decline, or defect, present from natural, climatic, construction, or other local conditions.
    M. Roof Covering Age
    Shingle, built up tar and gravel, or other roof coverings that are over 25 years old and tile, slate, clay, concrete or metal
    roof coverings that are over 50 years old must be replaced / updated to be eligible for coverage (see exception below).
    Documentation of full roof replacement must be submitted with the application or prior to the policy renewal in which the
    roof covering exceeds the maximum age requirements outlined in the following table (not applicable to HO-4 and HO-6
    Roof Eligibility
    Roof Covering Age

    Asphalt, Fiberglass, Composition, or Wood Shake Shingles; Built-up Tar and
    Gravel; or Other Roof Covering types Not Included Below Over 25 Years Not Insurable

    Tile, Slate, Clay, Concrete or Metal Over 50 Years Not Insurable*
    Exception: Risks that do not meet the roof replacement eligibility requirements above may be eligible for coverage
    by submitting acceptable documentation verifying the roof has at least 3 years remaining useful life (Refer to
    Properties to Be Submitted to Citizens for Review Prior to Binding). Risks that establish roof eligibility under this
    exception are not required to provide documentation of full roof replacement until the policy renewal period in which
    the remaining useful life of the roof covering falls below the 3-year eligibility threshold.
    Acceptable documentation includes a copy of a completed roofing contract; a statement from a licensed roofing
    contractor showing estimated age; condition and remaining useful life; a completed Citizens Roof Condition
    Certification form; or other acceptable proof of remaining useful life."

The only surprise to me was that I thought Citizens was accepting aluminum wire if it had been repaired.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Same here, I thought they were ok with aluminum branch, and not ok with aluminum single strand. I have seen full/brand new kitchen remodels of the late 90’s where they left the aluminum branch in. Bummer for those people

Citizens accepts Aluminum branch circuits AS LONG AS they have been crimped or pigtailed with the appropriate connectors. Such as copalum connectors. for example.

Stranded AL is fine, it is the solid Strand that they do not want.

I agree. Solid strand seems to be what they are worried about.

How about that :slight_smile:

Dust off that insurance adjuster licence it looks like we may have something something heading our way.

Actually, I just let it expire

Crazy talk…
I would imagine it would be great to have after any major disaster. Was it expensive to maintain or just no money in doing it?

I can not leave my current company for the time a disaster would take.

Then I understand.

I thought there would be a ton of money to be made after a hurricane in that business. You can always delegate the inspection stuff :slight_smile:

I had a customer last week who told me Citizens wanted at least 5 years remaining life on her roof. The roof had some missing shingles so I will let the roofer make the call on the remaining life. My guess was 3-4 with repairs. I will try to get the scoop from the agent directly.

Agents come up with some crazy made up stuff.
The requirements are crystal clear on thier memos.

Funny this is WHO CARES what they want. They do not make the form, they do not pay the bill. All you have to do is write what you feel is the answers to the questions you have come up with.