Citizens And Our Reports

this e-mail rec’d today from a customer’s ins. agent:

“Pete Citizens has notify me that the wind mitigation file is corrupt and they cannot see the photos. Can you please forward me a new copy without any securities or passwords. I can open the file and I can see the photos but Citizens has list the file to be corrupted and therefore his wind mitigation credits have been removed and his policy premium has increased.”

I don’t know WTF this AH is talking about. We send all reports as a simple pdf.

Is anyone else getting this kind of B.S. feedback from AH ins agents?

They are f-cking idiots.
I have had the issue in the past as well. turn each page into jpegs and send them that.

I have told them their system is flawed but they do not give a crap.

check your pm for further advice :slight_smile:

send me an email to I copied the area you need to change but am on the couch.

Done. TY.

Anytime :slight_smile:

These chatty women are still here going at it :slight_smile:

This is something you all will never hear me complaining about, To many women around.

I LOVE EM :slight_smile: