Citizens - Building Code Training Program?

Citizens has this additional requirement for Professional Engineers

“Florida licensed professional engineer who has passed the appropriate equivalency test of the Building Code Training Program as required by Section 553.841, Florida Statutes.”

Can anyone tell me where or who offers this training and equivalancy test?

Florida State University offers an online class called “Building Code Training Program” but i’m unsure if it is the proper course

107 people have viewed this thread so far and not one reply. You would think that someone would know the answer to this since it is a requirement that is stated on every wind mitigation report. Granted, it is a requirement for Professional Engineers and there isn’t many PE’s in the home inspection industry, but still, you would think someone might have a clue. The answer that i have received from a subcontractor of Inspection Depot is that the requirement is not being inforced, or is no longer a requirement, or we don’t need to worry about it. I think its time to revise the form. Maybe even take off the reference to My Safe Florida Home Program

  1. Hurricane mitigation inspector certified by the My Safe Florida Home Program.

Are they stll accepting these mitigation inspectors from a program that no longer exist?
And they wonder why there is incompetence in the field. Get the form right first.

so in your mind since the program ended everybody’s brain just drained the training they received?

Sorry that wasn’t my intent. In previous post I have stated that inspectors from the Mysafeflorida program are probably more qualified than most contractors or home inspectors due to their specific training. My problem is with the ambuiguity that exist with the seemingly outdated wind mit form. To refer to certification that applies to a program that no longer exist seems a little off to me. If Citizens is still honoring individuals that were certified through this program, then they should at least change their verbage to reflect that. Maybe something along the lines of “Inspectors previously certified under the former My Safe Florida----”
instead of the current verbage of “Hurricane mitigation inspector certified by the My Safe Florida Home Program.” Maybe I’m wrong about this, but i don’t believe anyone can be currently certified through a program that is no longer in existence. Once the program is cancelled, the certification is cancelled, and should be referred to in past tense.
My original post was not meant to degrade anyone that was certified through that program, i was simply venting frustration over the forms dated verbage.

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Okay Dennis, I’ll post.

Members with some insight into the creation of the form, have explained: The MSF language was included because the MSF program was still active when the form was originally designed.

In addition, since the form was created in a commitee/panel, no changes could be made to the form without starting the whole process over.

Regardless of the different licenses listed in the form, the licenses MUST be active.

If MSF was reinstated, the form would still be viable.