Citizens changing the rules (again)

I was just advised from one of my insurance agents that Citizens no longer accepts the 3 year minimum for Roof Certifications…(they are looking for 4+) anybody else heard that?

Not yet.

Those nuts must think we have a crystal ball or something. Maybe they should publish a guide to base our guesstimates on.

Old news… Your agent is just hip to the fact that 3 yrs is the minimum, so the day after the inspection… the roof no longer has three years, get it? So, 4 years is the new 3 years

3-5 is the least they will except.

unless the roof is in poor shape wouldnt it be ok to say 4 years

I have been told by several agents and one underwriter recently, Citizens wants to see 4 years or more written on the roof cert. If they see 3 years, they won’t write a policy. Supposedly, other companies are following this as well.

We write them with 3 years everyday.

Citizens make Glenn angry…Glenn smash…

it is what it is, I did not bring any of this stuff with me, and no I am NOT a deal killer:D

Hey, that should be the new motto for FlaNACHI chapter of Insurance Inspectors!