Citizen's Four Point Aluminum Wiring

Has anyone else in Florida found that Citizens Insurance is now requiring us to report on if aluminum wiring is single or multi strand to a distribution panel? The form only states to include info. on single strand and there is not any question or area to state that is multi strand. I just had a client turned down by Citizens because I did not state the wiring was multi strand aluminum wiring on the form and had to resubmit the form with the defined aluminum wiring, initials, and date. Is there a new form I didn’t know about? Just like to know what to report to save on these reworks.

If it’s stranded aluminum, then don’t mention it in the report.
Problem solved.


I typically don’t but the agent is requiring I state stranded specifically or they will cancel the clients insurance. I have never in the past so I thought maybe something changed and the form was updated.

You’ll learn as times goes by that different insurance offices and different agents will request/require a particular “thing” or item occasionally.

It could be underwriting standards; the office’s interpretation of a memo from Citizens; or just about anything else.

Remember the insurance industry is very much upside down in Florida, so hang on for a bumpy ride.


Thank you for the information. I’ve encountered this in the past as well but to deny a client insurance based on something not required on the form had me baffled and didn’t seem right for my client. I verified that is was stranded aluminum wiring as requested to help the client but as I stated, I wasn’t sure if there was a new form. Since I am located in Cape Coral Florida where hurticane Ian hit I’ve seen it all. It appears from the responses the form hasn’t changed, just an agent requesting above and beyond the requirement.

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The form says all instances of aluminum wiring, so I list it. Falls under that whole “describe all usage of Aluminum wiring”

I also mention below that there is no single strand aluminum present. I’ve not had one rejected yet. Not saying it can’t happen, but it hasn’t.

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I did describe the main panel aluminum wiring was used to supply the distribution panel but did not distinguish the wiring as stranded. To avoid further Citizens reworks, I’ll follow that suggestion. I appreciate the feedback.