Citizens Inspection and Outreach Program

Anyone else get this email? Are you going to attend? If so tell me what its like. Is this legitimately associated with Citizens? Hopefully some Citizens reps that can answer questions will be there. Or maybe even someone from the OIR.

Vol. 3, Q2 2011 Wind Mitigation Inspection Training Citizens Inspection and Outreach Program
Free Systems and Procedures Training Registration Form_May Training.pdf

Free - Open House Recruitment Seminar - Citizens Inspection and Outreach Program

                                May 24th:           2 -  4 PM
                                                        6 -  8 PM
                                Location:            Fort Lauderdale
                            Limited Seating. Confirm your seat by emailing 
                            [Free Citizens Wind Mitigation Procedures Training](
                                    Wednesday May 25th All Day
                                    Location:            Fort Lauderdale
                            Limited, Seating. Confirm your seat by emailing 
                            Wind Mitigation Technical Training 
                            8 Hours of Wind Mitigation Training. DBPR continuing credit hours, for Home Inspection.
                                Thursday May 26th All Day
                                Location:  Fort Lauderdale
                            Cost is $200 with training manual. Register and Pre-Pay by May  19th and receive a $25 discount. Click to down load registration form.  Over 300 pages of systems, procedures, photographs, standards, all based  on the 1802 mitigation inspection report.
                            TEL: 1 888 589 2112
                            [Class Registration Form](
                            Inspection fees paid to approved inspectors start at $85 for the Citizens Inspection and Outreach Program.
                            [Currently recruiting inspectors for various inspection programs, Commercial and Residential, including Contractors, Home Inspectors, Engineers Architects Adjustors..](



Yeah, got it also…

It said free in a bunch of places but I think is cost $200. I wonder if you can do the training free and tell them to keep there precious manual.

They must be having a tough time to get some folks to jump thru all their hoops for the privilege of working for them.

I emailed them asking them to tell me if it was free or cost money or what they read it but have not responded.

Tuesday from 2 to 4 is free, but it’s just a Meet & Greet. Wednesday is the 8 hour class for $200, or $175 if you register early. I’d like to find out if they plan any more for North or even Central Florida.

From the registration form…

Tuesday’s Open Recruitment Seminar is free

Wednesday’s Citizens Procedures Training (???) is free

Thursday’s Wind Mitigation Training is NOT free

I’d rather have the manual and skip the 8 hours in a classroom. Is this manual from Citizens or Inspection Depot? If from Citizens, does anyone know if it is available online?

its id’s version of the bill york class/manual for 200$

Good to know. Thank you.

So, my question to those who are in the loop, is it worth it. I don’t have Amy problems with how I’m doing UMVI’s now, so would aligning with ID be of any benefit?

Is Citizens opening up these inspections to Home Inspectors now?
That is the question to ask.

If you meet the requirements of the law, you have been able to do them since last year.

Maybe if we are lucky and there is a small response to this request for inspectors, that they will eventually eliminate the program. I know that is a pipe dream, but it is something that we can only hope for.

Just got this from Citizens:
Upcoming Training Seminars for 2011

Training Bulletin #002-11 – May 13, 2011

Citizens is pleased to partner with agent associations to present classroom training opportunities for you, your customer service representatives and other support staff. Register early to reserve a place in a session for an upcoming class:

· Writing Commercial with Confidence: Using Citizens’ Checklists and More* – *This classwill enable agents currently writing commercial polices to become more familiar with the submission process. This course will focus on:
· Citizens’ commercial underwriting process
· Using correct forms
· Required submission items for different lines of coverage
· Insights and helpful tips from the Commercial Underwriting department to help agents save time

· ***Hurricane Loss Mitigation – ***This class focuses on the features designed to strengthen buildings against windstorm damage and the premium discounts available for policyholders. This course:
· Provides one continuing education credit

· Inspection and Outreach Program 2011 – Citizens developed this property inspection program to verify that features reflected in the policy records are accurate and that policyholders receive appropriate premium credits. This course:
· Explains the inspection process and final inspection report
· Provides tips that will assist you in answering policyholder questions about the inspection results
· Explains how inspection results apply to the policyholder

Register now by clicking on the date below.

  **Class  Offered**

Sponsor and City
Writing Commercial
*with Confidence *
May 20
Specialty Agents Daytona
1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Writing Commercial
*with Confidence *
June 10
Florida Association of Insurance Agents Orlando
1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
The following classes will open for registration at a later date.
Writing Commercial
*with Confidence *
July 14
Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies
9 a.m.-noon

*Hurricane Loss Mitigation *
July 14
Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies
2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
Inspection and
Outreach Program
July 14
Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies
3:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m.
Writing Commercial
*with Confidence *
July 20
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors-Florida
Palm Beach
9:00 a.m.-noon

Agents and Customer Service Representatives may submit underwriting questions via the Contact Us option on our website. You should receive a response within 2 business days.
This email is not spam. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation communicates by email. You received this email because you are an appointed agent with Citizens or we received a request to add your address to our email distribution list. If you are an appointed agent, removing your name from the distribution list requires termination of your appointment. To have your appointment terminated, contact Agent Administration at or 800.737.5822. If you are not an appointed agent or if you received this message in error, you can unsubscribe via our website.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation](

Ive had the training and am active vendor. I was also the first nachi member to register for the program in 2009.

Excuse me while I puke. Again. Oh good ID has a training program approved by Citizens … OIR wrote a form and ran away. ugh, ughr ralph. Feel better now that I got that out. I have never given a credit (well rarely) for properly braced gable ends I wonder if the citizens reinspectors will be staightening that out?

Inspection Depot appears to be a direct threat to HI’s and InterNACHI and have convinced Citizens you can’t do wind mits unless you have had “training” within last 9 months - not supported by legislation.

not true. that only applies to reinspection outreach program. this has nothing to do with private enterprise. this class is elective. no different than ours or bill york.

I see one of the selling points for this class is ceu credit, which is useless until 2012

u get that free here