Citizens Insurance advances InterNACHI to negotiation phase.

Looks like NACHI moves on

The Citizen’s contract (if we ultimately land it), when added to our Dubai contract and our other major projects from around the world, will push InterNACHI over the 1 billion dollar mark.

Its good 2 b u

I don’t know about that, but it is not so good to be my copier. You’d think that in this digital age we could all stop using paper, but it seems that each year we go through more paper than the last. The Citizen’s proposal took over 5,000 sheets of paper to produce:

That’s FL. Same people running the State that wants 120 inspections on paper that no one will actually read, when one CD or DVD would do the same job.

The DBPR has a surplus of paper that they would probably donate. Its been used on one side, but -----
I can’t see DBPR continuing to inforce the 120 full reports. My guess is that they will eventually accept just the first few pages of the report.

Is the health care legislation in there also?