Citizens Insurance Electrical Question

Has anyone heard of citizens accepting a 60 amp service as adequate?


Hi Greg,

No not for a single family, but I am sure they would accept 60amp for a small apt or condo.



Thanks Gerry,

I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going crazy.
I got this e-mail from a client that I did a 4 point for and her policy was denied. The client wants me to change my rating for the electrical system from fair to good. It is a single family home.

**I just called Citizens directly, and Juan Von Rosen looked it up in his manual and also conferred with his supervisor. “Less than 60 amps is not acceptable, 60 amps is acceptable” for insurance purposes. **
**Greg, you are not an insurance agent. Your job was to provide a site inspection, and not to interpret Citizens’ underwriting policies. Please provide me with your written guidance of Citizens’ amperage requirements. **

Becky, Juan said that the exposed wiring is the big issue. Due to the time lapse since the cancellation, I will have to re-apply for a new policy, and once I correct this problem. I will let you know when I take care of the exposed wire and the GFCIs.


60 amp service is actually the minumum, but is it adequate for the home. If the home no longer has gas (I am assuming that it originally did), or if there is an addition, then the answer would be no.

I just did a 4-point on a home built in 1961. It had 125 amp service. The insurance (not Citizens) requested an electrician do a load calculation and verify the service was adequate. To my surprise, the buyer complied and had it done. They wrote the policy after all.